Parker Ruth

Course Instruction

Ubiquitous Computing Seminar

During the 2019–2020 academic year I led the CSE 590 U ubiquitous computing research seminar, which met weekly to discuss academic papers in interaction techniques, wearables, novel sensing, and pervasive computing.

MATLAB Seminar

In Autumn 2019 I co-instructed the BIOEN 217 MATLAB Fundamentals for Bioengineers seminar, which introduces programming in MATLAB to students from a variety of backgrounds. I developed biomedically relevant examples, prepared and delivered lectures, graded coding assignments, and supported course development.

Curriculum Development

Biosignal Processing Textbook

a worked example from the textbook called inDUCKtor: asks the student to derive the gain function for an RL circuit next to a duck wearing a stethoscope

I wrote a 140-page course textbook for BIOEN 316 Signals and Sensors for Bioengineers. Topics include biosignal acquisition, Fourier analysis, digital and analog filtering, and linear systems. All of the document’s text, equations, and figures are typeset in pure LaTeX.


Python for Chemists

screenshot of worksheet instructions for the Belousov=Zhabotinsky reaction kinetics: a chemical equation, a paper citation, and a list of assumptions and initial conditions

I worked with a University of Washington chemistry professor to create Python programming Jupyter notebook worksheets to accompany homeworks and labs for the CHEM 155 honors general chemistry curriculum. The worksheets and answer keys are freely available to educators. Topics include root finding, reaction kinetics simulations, quantum wavefunction visualizations, and scientific computing.